Fundación Beca (FB) is a private, non-profit organisation, which contributes to Latin America’s development by supporting talented young people to undertake higher education overseas. Since 2005, FB has granted around 500 scholarships for studies in more than 15 different countries.

FB offers:

  • Information about recognised postgraduate programmes from universities in Europe
  • Scholarships (non-recoverable funds)
  • A simple and practical application system on the internet
  • An employment boureau system (‘BEST’) that links alumni to important companies interested in hiring talented young people in specific areas;
  • A voluntary work system that students perform in social institutions when they come back; and
  • A specialised promotion unit for partner universities (‘International University Services’, or ‘INTUS’).

INTUS helps universities by:

- Presenting their programmes on its website (with more than 20,000 visits a month)
- Visiting the most important universities in Mexico
- Attending the most significant higher education events Mexico
- Promotion of the University’s programmes on FB’s social networks
- Giving a close follow up of every student during the admission process, in collaboration with the university.

FB funding sources include:

1st. The initial endowment made by our sponsors to start operations (2005);
2nd. Donations from businessmen or companies for specific programmes;
3rd. BEST contributions;
4th. INTUS contributions;
5th. Donations from alumni.
A FB candidate is aged between 23 and 45, has 2 to 3 years of work experience, average university marks of 80-90%, is fluent in English and knows a second language, has excellent professional perspectives, clear social awareness, a passion to serve the country, and effective capacity of positively influencing his/her sourroundings.
If your university is interested, please contact